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24 years ago, I was going thru a very difficult time in my life. I was in need of all kind of help. During that time, everybody declined to help me, including my family. I was feeling lost during that time. I needed food, clothe for my kids. It was September, 24 years ago, the cold weather was aproaching. Someone, I dont remember who it was at this moment, advised me to visit St. Vincent de Paul during this great need of warm coats for my kids and some food. I went to visit the St. Vincent de Paul location and they embraced me with love, respect and they helped me so my kids will have coats for the winter. they also helped me with food. Today, I am overly greatful for the great help I received from St. Vincent de Paul. Thank you St. Vincent for your love and dedication towards those in great need.

May God continue blessing you for the great work you do.

The parish Center is of great importance to the Brazilian community. In the building we have religious and social educational activities. Some examples of these activities that occur in the building are CCD in Portuguese, where we work on the faith of the children in our community. We also have another project, the CRESCER school, that has been going on for 10 years. The school teaches kids in our community Portuguese with the intent on strengthening family ties. The Parish Center is where we keep our community alive with out various projects and other weekly meetings and activities that occur there. The well-being of the Paricsh Center will ensure that we can continue to help people in our community.

God Bless,
~Moyara Pessoti, CCD in Portuguese Coordinator